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Roy Nelsen is a Soil Scientist and a Certified Professional In Erosion And Sediment Control that has been involved with the erosion control industry for over 20 years.  Mr. Nelsen has been involved with numerous successful soil stability, soil fertility, and revegetation projects from design through implementation.  Roy has previous experience in the soil science, environmental, and engineering fields dealing with erosion and sediment control, construction site development, conducting environmental site assessment, and contaminated soil, ground water, and mined land remediation and reclamation.  Roy has established quantitative research

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methods for use in the design and modeling of erosion control processes in channel scour and slope soil erosion processes.  These methods have resulted in the subsequent upgrade of flexible channel liner and slope design soil erosion prediction software.  Roy has also been involved with the design, development and manufacturing of numerous new products for the erosion control industry.

Additionally, Roy has written and conducted technical publications, presentations and seminars for the International Geosynthetics Society, American Society of Civil Engineers, Industrial Fabric Association International, Transportation Research Board, International Erosion Control Association, International Symposium on Environmental Geotechnology and Global Sustainable Development, Soil and Water Conservation Society, Erosion Control Technology Council, American Society of Landscape Architects, and multiple State Departments of Transportation.  Roy has also assisted in the development of numerous DOT, Federal, State, City and County agency's specifications.